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Can You Get a Breast Lift With Existing Implants?

Aging, motherhood, and, yes, even breast implants can contribute to sagging breasts over time. If you are looking to give your breasts a boost and have had a breast augmentation in the past, you may be wondering: “Can you get a breast lift with existing implants?” This post covers what to expect from a breast …

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WPS Staff: Heather Avery, APRN, ANP-C | Weiler Plastic Surgery

Heather Avery, APRN, ANP-C tells us about her journey of becoming an Expert Injector as well as her favorite patient story! Hi, I'm Heather and I'm a Nurse Practitioner, and I work in the Covington and Hammond location. So in 2008, I became a nurse practitioner and I started working for a breast surgical oncologist …

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WPS Staff: Lauren Marcello Mickenheim, APRN, FNP-C

Learn about one of our Downtown Baton Rouge staff, Lauren! Hi, I'm Lauren Mickenheim. I'm a nurse practitioner here at Weiler Plastic Surgery. I've been a nurse practitioner for 12 years and I've been working here for four. Well, I've always wanted to get in the aesthetic industry. My parents are in the medical industry …

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WPS Staff: Kelci Begue, MSN, APRN, FNO-C

Learn about one of our amazing injectors, Kelci, and her journey to becoming an injector and working at Weiler Plastic Surgery! Hi, I'm Kelci Begue and I'm a nurse practitioner here at Weiler Plastic Surgery. So I always wanted to become a nurse practitioner. I never knew that I was gonna become an aesthetic nurse …

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Ellacor® Micro-Coring Now Available at Weiler Plastic Surgery

Weiler Plastic Surgery is now offering Ellacor® Micro-Coring. Watch here to learn more! The latest and greatest technology can always be found at Weiler Plastic Surgery. And we're excited to announce the arrival of Ellacor, a brand-new device that removes skin without scarring. Get the visible results you want without surgery. Schedule your Ellacor consultation …

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Weiler Plastic Surgery Downtown Location!

Learn more about our Downtown Baton Rouge location! I am Lauren Mickenheim, a nurse practitioner here at Weiler Plastic Surgery. I work at Bluebonnet and the downtown location. The downtown location is a boutique office. It's convenient, you can come on your lunch break for any of your injectable needs. If you're a tourist or …

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Lutronic ULTRA™ 101 with Connie Beard, Lead Medical Aesthetician

Connie Beard talks through the Lutronic ULTRA Laser while explaining the customizable treatments ULTRA offers. Click the YouTube link to learn more about the Lutronic ULTRA Laser! Hello, I'm Connie, Medical aesthetician in the Hammond location, and I am so excited to tell you about our newest device, the Lutronic ULTRA Laser. The Lutronic ULTRA …

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