If you’re considering cosmetic plastic surgery in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or Lafayette, Louisiana, the procedure cost is probably one of your first interests. Many practices don’t include pricing on their websites, but we believe in being as transparent as possible.

Because each person’s situation is unique, it’s not possible to quote specific procedure prices without consulting with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. In the table below, you’ll find a price range or the starting cost for both surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Even though virtually all patients have a set budget for their procedure, we encourage you not to make cost the primary factor in your choice of plastic surgeon.

We offer financing options with attractive payment plans tailored for cosmetic surgery patients.

What’s Included in Our Pricing

When you get a price quote from a plastic surgery practice, it’s important to know the “out-the-door” cost. In other words, whether the price is just the plastic surgeon’s fees or whether additional fees are included. At our practice, the pricing includes:

  • All office visits
  • Plastic surgeon’s fees
  • Anesthesia
  • Operating room fees
  • Lab work
  • Post-surgical bra or compression garment (if necessary)

What other costs are involved? The cost of prescription medications is not included in our pricing. We explain those costs to patients who come in for consultations.

Cosmetic Surgery Pricing

Breast Augmentation$6,450 to $7,450
Breast RevisionStarts at $7,100
Breast Lift$9,900 to $14,450
Breast Reduction$10,400 to $12,400
Mommy Makeover$18,000 to $26,000
Tummy Tuck$11,300 to $19,000
Male Breast Reduction$7,500 to $9,900
Brazilian Butt Lift$13,200 to $23,000
LiposuctionStarts at $7,600
LabiaplastyStarts at $6,500
Arm Lift$9,200 to $11,000
Thigh Lift$9,900 to $12,000
Upper Body LiftStarting at $9,600
Facelift$11,500 to $18,200
Eyelid Surgery$4,700 to $9,000
Brow LiftStarts at $7,500
RhinoplastyStarts at $11,400

Nonsurgical Treatment Pricing

Laser Hair RemovalStarts at $100 per treatment
CoolSculpting® EliteOur memberships offer unlimited treatments at a great price. Call us now!
MicroneedlingStarts at $365
BOTOX® Cosmetic$14 per unit
Dysport ® & Other BOTOX AlternativesDysport: $4.75/unit
Jeuveau®/XEOMIN®: $14 per unit
DAXXIFY®: Call practice for a quote
Lip AugmentationStarts at $675
JUVÉDERM® FillersStarts at $675
Restylane®Starts at $675
RADIESSE® & Sculptra®Face: Starts at $900 Buttocks: Starts at $4,300
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