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Non-Invasive Options for a Double Chin

The dreaded double chin.A cosmetic change that occurs in all patients, seemingly regardless of age or gender. Even more so, it appears to occur regardless of body mass! Unfortunately for us, our chin area is one of the more highlighted areas of our body, simply because it contrasts with our facial outline so much. Fortunately... Read More

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Customer Reviews: Why Are They Important?

Every product you buy and service that is rendered for you almost always comes with the request of a customer review. It’s so prevalent, that at this point we expect it from large purchases like cars to the most minute, everyday expenditures like toothpaste. New computer? Tell us how satisfied you were with our salesmanship.... Read More

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Vollure: Juvederm’s Most Natural Cosmetic Dermal Filler, Yet

Dermal fillers are quickly becoming one of the more popular beautifying procedures in the US. As such, the development of these fillers is an ever evolving process. As technology progresses, manufacturers are constantly improving their products to further accommodate patients. With Juvederm’s newest FDA approved addition, Vollure, patients now have access to Juvederm’s most natural... Read More

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