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A woman who had breast augmentation surgery to correct breast asymmetry puts on a bra while looking in the mirror.

Breast Implants Can Help With Uneven Breasts

Even though our bodies appear symmetrical—2 ears, 2 eyes, etc.—the fact is most of us have slight discrepancies, and perfect symmetry is fairly rare. That’s certainly true for women’s breasts. It’s estimated that more than 85% of women have breasts that are different sizes. In many cases, the difference is barely perceptible. But for some... Read More

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A man and woman stand next to each other after receiving nonsurgical body sculpting treatments.

What Are the Differences Between CoolSculpting®, EMSCULPT® & SculpSure®?

One of the most significant aesthetics developments I’ve witnessed during my career is the emergence of non-invasive body contouring procedures such as SculpSure, EMSCULPT, and CoolSculpting. Patients in Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana want to know which of these is best suited for them based on each treatment’s technology. We offer all of these treatments... Read More

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