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A woman with short blonde hair has her arms up with her hands resting against her face and is wearing a white long sleeve shirt. Next to her is text saying "How to Speed Up Facelift Recovery". (model)

How To Speed Up Facelift Recovery

It's normal to be excited and eager to unveil your facelift results, but you don't want to cut corners on your recovery and compromise your healing and your results. However, there are ways to expedite healing so you can go back to your normal routines sooner. In this blog post, I cover how to speed …

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A woman with brown hair is holding her hand to her lips and looking downward. (model)

Lip Filler FAQ: 7 Things You Should Know

Whether you’re considering lip injections for the first time or you have already joined the legions of lip filler devotees, you may have lip filler questions. In this blog post, I’ll be answering top questions about lip augmentation with filler so that you can proceed with confidence. 1. What is lip filler made of? Modern …

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