Vollure: Juvederm’s Most Natural Cosmetic Dermal Filler, Yet

Dermal fillers are quickly becoming one of the more popular beautifying procedures in the US. As such, the development of these fillers is an ever evolving process. As technology progresses, manufacturers are constantly improving their products to further accommodate patients. With Juvederm’s newest FDA approved addition, Vollure, patients now have access to Juvederm’s most natural cosmetic hyaluronic acid dermal filler yet, designed to correct wrinkles and folds that occur on the face, specifically the nasolabial folds.

What does Vollure do?

Vollure is a custom engineered injectable gel specifically tailored to soften and smooth folds and lines on the face. Not to be confused with Botox (which relaxes line-forming muscles in the face), Vollure is injected directly into the skin with the purpose of plumping the area subtly to the point where the wrinkle is smoothed over. Like other hyaluronic acid based fillers, it will add volume as well. It’s great for a more structured and full lip augmentation and can also be used to add volume to areas like the temples, cheekbones, and even the under eye hollows. This is particularly effective in the nasolabial area.

I know crow’s feet, but what are nasolabial folds?

These are what are often described as “laugh lines” or “smile lines”, and are the two skin folds on the side of the nose and corner of the mouth. They help make the cheek and upper lip distinctive by separating the two. While they’re called smile lines (and smiling does contribute to them), they are heavily influenced by sun damage. This, also with age, results in nasolabial folds becoming more pronounced.

How exactly do Vollure and hyaluronic acid work?

Your skin naturally produces hyaluronic acid, a sugar-based compound responsible for delivering and maintaining moisture and nutrient levels in skin cells. This helps in creating volume and smoothness in your skin. Unfortunately with time, your skin’s ability to manufacture its own hyaluronic acid decreases. Juvederm is a smooth gel that is made of cross-linked hyaluronic acid particles. When injected into fine lines, wrinkles, or sunken areas of the face, it replenishes the hyaluronic acid that has been absorbed into your body over time, helping you achieve a more youthful appearance. Vollure is particularly robust and works on moderate to severe wrinkles and folds, lasting up to 18 months at a time.

What are the side effects?

Like with most fillers, the most common side effects are mild swelling and bruising. This is almost always mild to moderate swelling, and typically only lasts less than 48 hours. This is either exacerbated or diminished by proper application from a qualified provider, thus making sure that you’re receiving Vollure from a professional is a must.

Additionally, like with other hyaluronic acid fillers, Vollure can be safely dissolved with injections of hyaluronidase to fully reverse any unwanted effects, however unlikely.

So, why Vollure?

While there are many filler options in the Juvederm family alone, each one is designed differently and is more effective for treating specific areas of concern. When it comes wrinkles and folds on the face, Vollure is a game changer, lasting up to 18 months and providing a soft, natural appearance that allows full range of motion in the skin!

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  • DOnna zambetti says:

    I’ve had Eye hollow issues and this product worked perfectly. You should have your rep distribute and educate doctors in Pensacola Florida! I am on vacation in Orange County, and this is where I had the procedure done.

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