WPS Staff: Lauren Marcello Mickenheim, APRN, FNP-C

Learn about one of our Downtown Baton Rouge staff, Lauren!

Hi, I’m Lauren Mickenheim. I’m a nurse practitioner here at Weiler Plastic Surgery. I’ve been a nurse practitioner for 12 years and I’ve been working here for four. Well, I’ve always wanted to get in the aesthetic industry. My parents are in the medical industry so that’s how I got into nursing. And then I moved to California and I fell into the aesthetic world and I knew that’s what I wanted to do, so I went back to nurse practitioners school in hopes to get in this field. Typical day when I get here, I get here early, I review my schedule, see the patients who will be coming in for the day, and I do injectables, Botox fillers. I do aesthetic services, dermaplane, DiamondGlows, microneedling. We stay busy, but it’s fun. At Weiler Plastic Surgery, Dr. Weiler does like having the newest devices, the newest injectables. And so that is so exciting to me. I love when someone comes in and they present a concern or an insecurity to me and then what we do is we come up with a game plan. I see a lot of women my age who come in and we’re starting to have aging of our face. And they ask me, you know, “What would you suggest? What would you do?” And I’m honest with them and address some of the concerns because I have those same concerns. I had a patient, I remember this, she had her son’s wedding coming up and she had never done injectables and she had some concerns, lower face concerns, and we did some fillers in her lower face. And when we were done, she looked in the mirror and she had tears in her eyes, and I loved it. It was a really great moment. I work at the downtown and Bluebonnet offices, so if you have any questions or concerns, come and see us. We’d love to see you.

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