Weiler Plastic Surgery Downtown Location!

Learn more about our Downtown Baton Rouge location!

I am Lauren Mickenheim, a nurse practitioner here at Weiler Plastic Surgery. I work at Bluebonnet and the downtown location. The downtown location is a boutique office. It’s convenient, you can come on your lunch break for any of your injectable needs. If you’re a tourist or if you work down here, we make it easy to get in and out. Parking is easier than you would think. There’s two parking lots right across the street, we validate your parking so there’s no expense to you and you can easily park, walk right across the street and come right into our office. So we are now offering besides injectable services and aesthetic services, we are doing dermaplanes which takes that top layer of that hair and skin off. We are doing diamond glows which exfoliates, extracts and infuses. And then we are doing microneedling which helps with fine lines, wrinkles. So we are open 7:30 to four and you can not only call in and make an appointment, you can also book online for botox, or filler. Downtown is convenient, we just expanded and you can come on your lunch hour, so come and see us.

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