WPS Staff: Kelci Begue, MSN, APRN, FNO-C

Learn about one of our amazing injectors, Kelci, and her journey to becoming an injector and working at Weiler Plastic Surgery!

Hi, I’m Kelci Begue and I’m a nurse practitioner here at Weiler Plastic Surgery. So I always wanted to become a nurse practitioner. I never knew that I was gonna become an aesthetic nurse practitioner, but once I saw all there was in the aesthetic world I absolutely fell in love with this field and became very passionate about it and I was like this is what I wanna do. So when patients come in to see me we do a consultation process, which I absolutely love. I like to sit down with my patients and truly hear their concerns, look in the mirror, and then also tell them what I see. We’re all about facial balancing and bringing back what we’ve lost. I truly believe that the anti-aging journey is that, a journey, and sometimes slow and steady is the best approach. I absolutely love to instill that confidence back in my patients, and it really is why I show up and come to work every day. I feel like getting to see that confidence return to them is truly a rewarding experience. So if you are interested in going along on this aesthetic journey with me, come on in, have a consultation with me, and I’d be happy to help take care of you.

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