Allison Jones (Social Media Influencer) Testimonial | Weiler Plastic Surgery

Listen to how Social Media Influencer Allison Jones started her journey here at Weiler Plastic Surgery!

My name is Allison, and I’m a full-time mom to a beautiful little girl, Oakley. She is 14 months old. It has been the most rewarding job ever. Honestly, what drew me into Dr. Weiler’s office is the before and after pictures that they post. I love the transformations that they share, and it’s incredible. So, when I first came into Weiler, I was a little nervous and hesitant on what I wanted to do for my skincare, and now, I’m like so confident. When I walk in here, I know I’m gonna be in good hands, and they’re taking care of me. Heather, at the Covington office, she takes care of my filler. I’ve done lip filler and then my Botox. So she keeps everything looking really nice,
and then I see Cassidy as well at the Covington office, and she does my dermaplane, laser hair removal, and my chemical peels to help brighten up my skin. Doing all of this makes me feel incredible. Honestly, I needed a little boost postpartum, so this has really helped me out. So, being open about posting all of my journey is I love being able to share an honest truth of why I look the way I do. If I don’t have wrinkles, it’s because I have Botox. I know that moms, we like to put yourself on the back burner, so I like to be honest and open about what I like to do to help anyone else who has been hesitant in putting their self on the back burner. I would tell other moms who are hesitant on coming or wanting to come, just book the consult to do something for yourself, and you will not regret it.

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