How Long Do Fillers Last? It Depends on Where You Use Them

Dermal fillers are an easy nonsurgical way to plump up the lips, define cheeks, and more. Like any procedure, though, fillers are an investment—and patients want to enjoy their results for as long as possible. 

Many dermal filler patients here in Baton Rouge ask the same question: How long do fillers actually last? Injectables are versatile products and can be used on many areas of the face; the longevity of your results often depends on where you get them.

How Long Do Fillers Last Around…

The Eyes

Products using hyaluronic acid last for 12 months or longer when treating the tear trough area. Fillers brighten the area under the eyes by “filling in” deep hollows that cast dark shadows.  

The Cheeks

You can enjoy the results of fuller, plumper cheeks for up to 24 months after your filler treatment. JUVÉDERM® is the go-to choice for those who want to lift the cheek area and correct age-related volume loss. A small touch-up treatment at the 12-month mark can help you maintain your look. 

The Nose

Fillers are often used as part of a “liquid rhinoplasty” to change the shape of your nose temporarily. Restylane® is a firm, thinner gel that lasts for around 12 months when used for sculpting the nose’s appearance. Follow-up appointments can be scheduled 9 to 12 months after treatment to update your new look. 

The Lips & Mouth

Depending on the amount of product used, lip augmentation with fillers lasts for 12 months or more. Restylane and JUVÉDERM add youthful volume while fading wrinkles at the corners of the mouth. 

The Chin

Fillers help create a well-defined profile by enhancing the size of your chin. The results typically last between 12 and 24 months, with smaller touch-up treatments requested as necessary.

How To Make Your Fillers Last Longer

The longevity of your fillers ultimately comes down to the location of the treatment area and the amount and type of product used. Some brands use firmer, thicker materials, while others have a thin and flexible consistency. All fillers eventually begin to break down as your body metabolizes them.

To get the most out of any filler treatment, schedule regular treatment plans with your provider. They will be able to help you maintain your look by injecting in targeted areas with a specific amount of volume. Most patients come in once or twice a year to check-in and keep their results looking fresh. Over time, you will learn how your body processes the filler’s ingredients. 

Dermal fillers are a popular treatment for adding volume, hiding wrinkles, and rejuvenating your look. If you would like to learn more about lip injections or other dermal filler treatments at our Baton Rouge practice, request a consultation or call (225) 399-0001.

2 Responses to How Long Do Fillers Last? It Depends on Where You Use Them

  • Kimberly Breaux says:

    My daughter and I are considering lip fillers. We literally hardly have any lips at all. I was just wondering how much they cost for the initial visit and subsequent visits. Thank you. We want to start saving if need be. LOL

    • Meghan Landry says:

      Hi Kimberly!

      Our lip filler ranges from $595-$695 per syringe. Feel free to give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our expert injectors at 225-399-0001. Thank you!

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