Facial Proportions: Lower Face Options

Often times in the beauty world we hear about facial symmetry. There are different ratios in the face that you should maintain: one third upper face, one third middle, and one third lower. In plastic surgery, we want proportions like an upside-down triangle with the largest section of the triangle being just below your eyes, in the cheekbone area, tapering down into the chin. Sometimes people are unhappy with their lower face, especially chin area because of the lack of balance with the upper face. There are a few different options to balance the lower face.

When thinking about the chin, your nose and chin should project out of your face equally. Many people wish their chin was more pronounced. At Weiler Plastic Surgery, the surgical option we recommend is often a chin implant to improve projection.  However, I often say, “Try it on.” Meaning, if you are unsure about surgery, you can “try it on” with dermal filler, like Juvederm Voluma, to see if you will like the way a chin augmentation would look. You can read more about chin augmentation options in my past post, here.

Curious to learn more? Here’s a short video where I explain a little more about how this filler works:

Another option to add more symmetry to the face is to slim the jawline. Many times females believe that their jaw is too bold. To combat this, I often prefer to recommend Botox in the masseter muscle and add filler in the jawline to smooth the area.

The dreaded double chin is something that many of us struggle with. Unfortunately, there is not a workout or diet you can adopt to get rid of the double chin. Kybella is a option to consider for slimming the neck area. Kybella essentially melts away the fat that is stored underneath your chin. Often times, patients want to use Kybella to slim the neck and do filler in the jawline to make their jawline stronger.

The face is all about proportions.  The goal is for the largest volume in the face to be in your midface and then a slight lessening as you progress down to the lower face. At Weiler Plastic Surgery we believe in providing subtle and natural-looking cosmetic changes that keep everyone wondering what you did to look so amazing!

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