Results You Can Trust: 4 of Our Best Lip Filler Cases

If you want to give your face a youthful boost, few procedures are as satisfying as lip injections. Our med spa has helped countless Baton Rouge patients create the full, plump lips they’ve always wanted.

This quick, easy treatment can be performed in 30 minutes, and it requires little to no downtime. Even the busiest women and men can fit a filler session into their schedules and take control of their looks and confidence.

People from all walks of life can enjoy the results of lip augmentation with dermal fillers. And we are proud to create natural-looking results that enhance your own unique beauty.

Lip Filler: Before and After

At Weiler Plastic Surgery, lip injections with JUVÉDERM are administered by an experienced health care provider. Look below to see a few of our most impressive cases to get an idea of the results you can expect.

Lip filler before-and-after in Baton Rouge, LA

Lip injections work by adding hyaluronic acid (HA) to the lips, providing a hydrating boost to the skin. This increases the size of the lips and creates noticeable volume.

Lip filler before-and-after in Baton Rouge, LA

Like the rest of your face, the lips can lose volume and decrease in size over time. Lip injections help mature patients instantly restore lost volume and smooth away unwanted wrinkles.

Lip filler before-and-after in Baton Rouge, LA

Our practice often uses JUVÉDERM during lip augmentation because its composition adds more structural support and volume to the lips. Our provider will discuss your treatment options during your consultation and find the best filler for your needs.

Lip filler before-and-after in Baton Rouge, LA

A full pout helps you look instantly younger and creates a defining feature for the face. Whether you want a subtle improvement or more dramatic results, we will adjust the procedure to suit your goals.

If you want to transform your face and enjoy full, youthful lips, JUVÉDERM lip injections at our Baton Rouge-area med spas are excellent solutions. Request a consultation at one of our med spa locations to get started on your journey today.

4 Responses to Results You Can Trust: 4 of Our Best Lip Filler Cases

  • Rhonda McLaughlin says:

    I am interested in treatment for lip lines above my lip. I have never smoked, but do drink from a straw. After dentures, I feel like I lost volume too.

    • Shared Account says:

      Hi Rhonda, thank you for your comment. We invite you in for a complimentary consultation with one of our expert injectors. They will create a game plan to best achieve your desired results! Call us at 225-399-0001 to get that consultation scheduled.

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