Common Myths + Misconceptions About Latisse

For thousands of years and through many good (and awful) fashion decades, one thing has stayed true: you’re stuck with what you’re born with. Well, mostly true. Not wanting what we were born with is debatably responsible for so many of the fashion trends of the past, as well as some still around today. Born... Read More

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Staff Picks: Piper, PA-C Discusses her Skincare Regimen

As part of our ongoing Daily Regimen series featuring our very own staff, I wanted to walk you through my skin care regimen for maintaining a healthy, natural glow. In this short video, I discuss my favorite products and procedures for skin that ages as gracefully as possible: Botox The first product favorite that Piper... Read More

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Even When It’s Cold Out

Weather change usually means change in our skin regiment. Even though it’s cold out, we still need one essential product – sunscreen. We usually load up on this during the summer, but the sun will still be out during the cooler seasons, so why stop using it? UVA rays can still damage us during the... Read More

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