ZO Skin Health: Bridging the Gap Between Therapeutic Treatments + Daily Care

Written By: Jonathan Weiler, MD, MSPH

Skin health science, like many sciences, is ever-evolving. Emergent technology allows for greater expansion on not only on new ways to treat skin, but how to do what is already known better. Constantly improving and adjusting products to meet more efficient demands is essential in perfecting the art of skin care.

These improvements take the form of ZO Skin Health, a line of skin health products created by Zein Obagi MD, creator of the Obagi series of products. The ZO line not only improves upon the original Obagi series, but introduces its own standalone products as well. It also proudly touts itself as a skin care system that keeps skin continually healthy regardless of age, ethnicity, or skin condition.

The first question many will have is the obvious one:

What makes ZO different from older Obagi lines?

One important thing to remember is that the basis of daily skin care remains the same as Obagi, so users that like appreciate routine or already have their own set won’t have to change anything. What has changed, though, is the method of delivery to the skin. Dr. Obagi is constantly researching skin health and seeking to improve how we take care of our outer layers. The newest technology and advances in skin therapy have made it possible for Dr. Obagi to create products that are capable of reaching deeper layers of skin and to be more effective overall in the skin care process than older generations have been.

Utilizing new, complex bio-engineered delivery systems, Zein has been able to expand on his Obagi model of principles that were the basis of the system. The original principles of Obagi centered around four steps: Correction, Stimulation, Bleaching and Blending. The ZO line adds a fourth principle: Stabilization. This newest addition includes entirely new products. Brightenex, for example, is a non-hydroquinone pigment control for use on any skin color. Why the removal of hydroquinone? Recent studies show that the skin can actually build a tolerance to the acid over time, reducing the effect. This is a true example of the aforementioned breakthroughs in skin health research, and how discoveries on what science can do to increase effectiveness and longevity of skin care products are creating a precedent in quality. Another “stabilization” addition is Retamax, which supports barrier function repair, helping the skin renew itself naturally.

ZO Skin Health Medical Peels (ZO Peels)Other additions include ZO’s stand alone chemical peels. Here are two standout examples:

The ZO Retinol Stimulation Peel, which uses a powerful 1% retinol active ingredient to penetrate the epidermis and upper dermis for superficial exfoliation and cell turnover. This peel is not only highly tolerable with no downtime, but is actually designed for use at home!

The ZO Controlled Depth Peel is an improved version of the famous “Blue Peel” from Obagi. A highly advanced, in office procedure, it can be controlled to penetrate multiple levels of the dermis, allowing customization on a patient to patient basis. Achieves long-lasting skin restoration and is specifically targeted to rectifying scarring and severe texture damage.

ZO effects on cystic, scarring, and typical acne

ZO Skin Health has many products aimed directly at combating acne, from mild to severe forms. There has also been massive success in rectifying the effects of cystic acne, facial scarring from acne, and other conditions that result in facial blemishes, such as rosacea. 

The ZO Skin Health system is affordable, with prices comparable to the existing Obagi line. The term “new and improved” has become a bit of a cliche these days, but that phrase could be scientifically substantiated with ZO. It’s clinically proven to improve not just the appearance and smoothness of skin, but actually, make it healthier in the process.

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