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Signs You Need a Breast Reduction

Over the last decade, breast reduction surgeries have increased 157 percent, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. It seems as though you only hear stories of people getting breast lifts or breast augmentations to increase their bust size, so why is there a sudden jump in breast reductions? Some studies are suggesting girls are reaching puberty earlier, as well as the childhood obesity epidemic that affects breast size. Another environmental factor that has only come to fruition within in last couple decades is the environmental estrogen’s, known as xenoestrogens. With the influx of chemicals, pesticides, plastics, and animals given growth hormones, these hormones mimic the in-vivo hormones our bodies naturally produce, and as a result, increases breast size.

Surgeons are suggesting the rise of breast reduction surgeries may simply be because of the surgeries are becoming easier to perform. In the past, a surgery lasted four hours and the patient was hospitalized for 24 hours, whereas today, the surgery and recovery is completed within four hours.

The top three signs you may need a breast reduction

Women choose a breast reduction for different reasons. Whether it be for beauty reasons or health concerns, oversized breasts are linked to many health problems, agony, and discomfort. Below we feature the top three signs to consider a breast reduction.

You experience pain – One of the biggest signs you may need a breast reduction is if you experience pain in your back, neck, or shoulders. Breasts are composed of mostly fatty tissue and are heavy, so if you’re smaller framed or your breasts are unusually large, this creates physical complications for women, and they only worsen over time.

Heavy breasts not only succumb to premature sagging, but if you notice persistent bra indentations in your trapezius region, this is an indication that you could benefit from surgery. If your breasts are too heavy for your frame, you may also experience migraine headaches, shortness of breath, and nerve tingling in your arms from the weight being spread out on nerves beneath the collarbone.

Your breasts inhibit you from activity – Large breasts cause discomfort, and much of it may be a result of an active lifestyle. If you find yourself having trouble running, doing yoga, or swimming because of the lack of support from bras, this may also indicate a reduction is needed. A woman shouldn’t have to wear multiple sports bras to be able to exercise, and at times, can make it more trouble than what it’s worth.

It’s an inconvenient finding clothes that fit – An opportunity for the fashion industry is creating clothes for all types of bodies, because many clothing items either do not fit well or look good on with women with large breasts. There are specialty clothing companies that cater to large breasts, however, they’re often twice as expensive compared to standard clothing companies. Not everyone has access to these companies, so a reduction would be pertinent in this situation

Do you need a breast reduction?

If you connect with the above signs and are considering a reduction, contact Weiler Plastic Surgery for doctors you can trust.

6 Responses to Signs You Need a Breast Reduction

  • Kit Hannigan says:

    Thanks for explaining how you might need to consider breast reduction if your breasts hinder you from doing yoga or living an active lifestyle. My wife is an avid mountaineer. She took up the hobby a few years ago. Recently, she has been complaining how her breasts wear her down and impair her vision; especially when trekking through steep terrain. I’ll be sure to share this article with her so she can consider getting a breast reduction surgery so she can be a lot more nimble during her trips.

  • Glynn Bolitho says:

    Thanks for this interesting post. Some women do suffer from enlarged breast and this further cause certain problems like discomfort while wearing clothes, breathing problems and lots more. This blog nicely reveals the points that show whether you require a breast reduction or not.

  • Rosalind Rivera says:

    I should have had breast reduction surgery years ago however surgery though warranted was beyond my financial reach. Now that I have excellent insurance that would cover surgery for medical reasons, I feel that at 66, I am way too old to even seriously consider it.

    • Ashley Adams says:

      Hi Rosalind! As long as you are in good health, age is not a factor! We are happy to set up a consultation for you to meet with one of our surgeons.
      Please call our offices at
      Baton Rouge: (225) 399-0001
      Hammond: (985) 902-7770
      Denham Springs: (225) 900-7002

  • Sbongs Dumakude says:

    Thanks for ds views on breast reduction. I am 46 and have big breast. I am thinking of reducing them. I have been feeling the severe neck pain , back pain , headache, and my spine sometimes hurts especially in the morning. Carrying heavy things is a problem . And it doesn’t look nice on my clothes. Please help me with more information.

    • Meghan Landry says:

      Hi Sbongs!

      We would love to give you more information on a Breast Reduction and will have a consultant reach out to you very shortly.
      For further questions and scheduling, contact our office at (225) 399-0001. Thank you!

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