How Many Units of BOTOX® Do I Need?

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When it comes to targeting existing wrinkles or preventing new ones from forming, few injectable treatments can rival the effectiveness and popularity of BOTOX® Cosmetic. BOTOX is a type of neuromodulator that blocks nerve signals from engaging the muscles being targeted, leading to that smooth and well-rested appearance that our patients love. The question of “How much BOTOX do I need?” often depends on the size and number of the areas you’d like to treat and the extent of the correction desired, but most treatments will involve fewer than 100 units of BOTOX. 

While the exact quantity will be determined during your consultation, understanding the different parts of the face and how many units are needed to achieve results can help you know what to expect. So, for anyone wondering, “How many units of BOTOX do I need?” this guide is for you.

How Much BOTOX Do I Need?

Working our way down the face, BOTOX can be beneficial for:

Diagram depicting units of Botox needed per area on face.

Forehead Lines

Deep horizontal creases across the forehead can add years to the face and produce a perpetually worried or brooding look. BOTOX can ease the muscles into a more relaxed state, making patients look younger and more rested. Typically, forehead lines will be treated with 10-30 units of BOTOX, given the wide surface area being targeted.

Eyebrow Lift

“Browtox” refers to an injection of BOTOX into the muscles that pull the brows down, allowing the “lifting” muscles to slightly elevate them. This can generally be achieved with 2-5 units of BOTOX on each side.

Frown Lines

Also called “11 lines”, vertical wrinkles of the glabella (the area between the eyebrows) create a stressed, stern look as the forehead etches itself into a near-permanent frown. Using 10-25 units of BOTOX, our highly trained team of injectors can temporarily vanquish these 11 lines and restore a more approachable appearance to your face.

Crow’s Feet

Lines extending from the corners of the eyes, commonly referred to as “crow’s feet,” can be significantly mitigated with BOTOX. Each side requires 5-15 units, so patients can expect to receive up to 30 units in total.

Nasalis Lines

Nasalis or “bunny” lines appear as a crinkling near the bridge of the nose. A BOTOX injection in this area will smooth out these creases and typically requires 5-10 units.

Vertical Lip Lines

BOTOX injections to combat vertical wrinkles above the lips are highly effective at restoring a more youthful appearance to the mouth. A little goes a long way with this treatment, with the average quantity ranging from 2-7 units.

Lip Flip

A lip flip can plump the appearance of the upper lip with an injection near the Cupid’s Bow. For patients wondering how much BOTOX they may need for this treatment, a lip flip typically involves 4-6 units to achieve the desired volumizing effect.

Smile Lift

Similar to the brow lift, a smile lift can help raise the corners of the mouth while reducing wrinkles and lines extending toward the chin. Typically, 3-6 units of BOTOX on each side will be sufficient.

Masseter Reduction

A BOTOX masseter reduction slims the lower face by relaxing the muscles of the jaw. This treatment can create a softer, more feminine profile for women and a sleeker look in men. As the masseter (chewing) muscles are some of the most pronounced in the face, most patients can expect to receive 25-30 units of BOTOX per side.

Dimpled Chin

Overactive muscles can pull your chin back and create a dimpled texture. This can be corrected with 2-6 units of BOTOX for a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Platysmal Bands

The neck is another area frequently treated with BOTOX. Specifically, the vertical bands of muscle that run down the neck become more prominent with age, leading some patients to seek a smoother, more relaxed appearance, which we can do with 10-30 units of BOTOX.

If you are curious about what BOTOX can do for you, check out our gallery of before and after photos. Some patients also find that a combination approach using both BOTOX and dermal fillers can help them achieve their cosmetic goals. To learn more about what injectables are best for you, take our BOTOX, Fillers, Or Both quiz or request a consultation.

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