BOTOX®, Fillers, or Both: Which Will Improve Your Facial Concerns? (QUIZ)

Woman receiving filler injections on her forehead by a physician (models)

Both BOTOX and dermal fillers are injectable treatments that make skin look smoother and younger-looking with minimal downtime. But how do you choose the injectable that’s best for you?

First, consider your top facial goals. Do you want more definition in your cheeks or lips? Do you want to smooth crow’s feet or reduce the nasolabial folds that bracket your mouth? Next, learn more about what BOTOX and dermal fillers can do. Which is better for forehead and frown lines or creating the jawline you want? When can you see results from each, and how long do those results last? Knowing your goals and options is key to starting the discussion with your injector.

Take this quiz to start. It will help you better define your goals and understand the differences between BOTOX and dermal fillers, ultimately helping you decide if you should choose BOTOX, fillers, or both!

At Weiler Plastic Surgery, we offer BOTOX and Dysport® to soften expression lines, slim an overdeveloped jaw muscle, reduce a gummy smile, and create the appearance of a fuller upper lip. Our injectors use fillers such as JUVÉDERM®, RADIESSE®, and Restylane® to improve volume loss in the face and hands, smooth wrinkles and folds, and add definition to your facial features.

Our before-and-after gallery features our patients’ excellent injectable results. If you want to see how injectables can help you enhance your appearance, request a consultation or call us at (225) 399-0001 to schedule an appointment.

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