Why Does Skin Sag When We Age?

More often than not, aging has become synonymous with sagging skin and wrinkles.  These signs of aging are often dismissed as “natural” or get turned around into a double-sided compliment suggesting your wrinkles are simply because you smile all the time.  While it would be great if you smiled all the time, there are actually many factors that cause skin to sag and wrinkle as each of us age.  Different factors have a different amount of influence on each individual as you age.  Each person ages differently, and here at Weiler Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge and Hammond, we are going to help you understand some of the factors that cause skin to sag and individuals to age differently.       


Collagen Production

Collagen is the main protein found in a variety of tissues throughout the body.  Along with being a main component of your skin, collagen also helps make up heart tissue and even your hair.  Infants have very smooth, youthful skin because their bodies produce a lot of collagen as they grow.  This protein is one component, along with elastin, that allow skin to stretch and then come back together wrinkle-free.  As you age, your body makes less collagen, making it harder for your skin to bounce back from the daily stressors that it is exposed to.  This in turn leads to wrinkles and sagging skin.


Along with collagen loss, sometimes you’re simply at the will of genetics.  You could do absolutely everything right to take care of your skin, however, you may still end up with sagging skin in various places across your body because your parents gave you genes that predisposed you to lower collagen and elastin levels in your body.  While there isn’t much you can do to stop genetics, there are plenty of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures available to help you fight back.

Sun Exposure

The sun is one of the main environmental factors that can do some serious long-term damage to your skin.  What’s worse is that early damage can become even more pronounced as you age, making it harder for your skin to recover, and causing premature signs of aging.  Along with the sun, pollution can also do a number on your skin that will last you far into your later years.  Pollution can make skin rougher and thinner than it would be had it been given the right protection when you were young.  

Muscle Movement

In addition to the factors mentioned above, your own muscles are working against you, especially your facial muscles.  Everytime you move a muscle in your face, you displace the skin.  This repetitive motion will lead to deep wrinkles that can be an indication of age.  While perhaps you like to smile, those muscles that contract for you to smile work against your wish for smooth skin.

You don’t have to be stuck with what you’re given when it comes to sagging and wrinkled skin.  Perhaps you weren’t great about sun protection when you were younger or you just love to smile.  There are many different options ranging from dermal injections to a plastic surgery facelift in order to give you the exact look you want.  Contact Weiler Plastic Surgery in Baton Rouge today to schedule your consultation.

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