What’s the Difference Between Filler and Botox?

This is a question our providers get asked very frequently in our offices, so we’ve decided to explain the differences in both of these popular types of non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Repeated facial movements results in wrinkles to our skin. Young skin bounces back into place, unlike more mature skin. As we age, we lose collagen and elastin, which causes the lines to become more permanent and even deeper. There are several anti-aging treatments that can be utilized to reduce the amount of facial muscle movement, therefore preventing wrinkle formation. This will allow your skin to restore its youthfulness.

In this short video, Dr. Weiler explains the differences between filler and Botox and in which instances a patient would choose either injectable:


FILLER: As you age, you start to use facial volume. Products such as Juvederm and Restalyne are used in these cases to make up for volume lost over time. These are small procedures done in the office that add volume to the cheeks, can fill lines by the mouth known as nasolabial folds, or marionette lines. Filler is used primarily to replace lost volume in the face due to aging. Cosmetic filler is also commonly used for lip augmentation.

Before + After of WPS Patient

How long does it last?

There are various types of filler on the market and choosing the right filler varies from patient to patient. Depending on the filler, it can last anywhere from 6 months to two years.

How do I know which filler is right for me?

Dr. Weiler and his PAs are highly trained in the most advanced techniques in administering injectables. The best way to determine which product will acheive your desired results is to set up a consult where we can discuss your needs, budget, and treatment plan best suited to you.

Is there downtime?

Because injectable treatments with Juvederm and Restalyne are minimally invasive, simple procedures, you can resume your normal activity immediately after your appointment.

Before the Procedure

Often times, a topical numbing medication is applied for approximately 20 minutes to the areas that will be injected to allow for a more comfortable experience during the procedure.

After The Procedure

Immediately following injections, it is best to avoid strenuous exercise or alcohol. You may use ice to help minimize bruising or swelling. In addition, your health care provider can discuss topical or oral products to help reduce pain and downtime.


BOTOX: Botox is a botulism toxin used to eliminate muscular movement of the face that causes wrinkles. “As you age, think of your skin like paper. Your muscles are constantly flexing that paper. The more you flex that paper, the deeper the grooves become,” says Dr. Weiler.

This includes a large family of products such as Dysport, Botox, and a new topical option on the market.

Both of these are relatively painless and quick procedures done in our offices.

Before + After of Botox Patients

How long does it last?

Botox typically lasts about 3-4 months and your results may become noticeable within 24 to 48 hours after injection.

How do I know how much Botox I’ll need?

BOTOX can look natural and refined when performed by a skilled professional. Dr. Weiler and his Physician’s Assitants are highly trained in the latest techniques to ensure quality results. A quick consult with them is all you need to determine the amount of Botox best for you!

Before the Procedure

This procedure is relatively easy and can be done with minimal discomfort. Dr. Weiler’s Physician Assistants and the staff at Weiler Plastic surgery will make your time with us as easy and comfortable as possible.

Is there downtime?

Because BOTOX is a simple, nonsurgical treatment, there is minimal recovery or downtime. You can make an appointment to stop by your health care professional’s office for treatment and return to your life right away!

After The Procedure

Immediately following BOTOX injections, it is best to avoid strenuous exercise or alcohol. You may use ice around injection sites. In addition, your health care provider may discuss avoiding using any NSAIDS, such as Motrin or ibuprofen, for a day or so to help reduce downtime.


For more information on cosmetic injectables or other treatments offered at Weiler Plastic Surgery, give us a call to schedule a consult at (225)399-0001 (Baton Rouge) or (985)902-7770 (Hammond). We can’t wait to hear from you!

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