What Happens if I Catch a Cold Before Surgery?

Preparing for surgery is a process that can take weeks or months. But all of that careful planning can be turned upside down if you start to feel sick before your plastic surgery procedure. We tell our Baton Rouge and Covington patients that postponing surgery depends on the severity of the illness and your symptoms. A mild sore throat and runny nose won’t require rescheduling your treatment, but a fever or nausea poses a higher risk. If you are experiencing any illness in the week prior to surgery, be sure to immediately notify your surgeon. Together, we can analyze your symptoms and choose the best course of action for your health. We want to do everything possible to ensure your procedure goes well and you recover comfortably.

If you ever have any questions while preparing for surgery, call our helpful staff at (225) 263-6769. To learn more about plastic surgery procedures offered at our Baton Rouge and Covington practices, please request a consultation online.

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