Weiler Medical Minute: Tummy Tuck (Dr. Womac) | Weiler Plastic Surgery

Dr. Daniel Womac, double-board-certified plastic surgeon, answers a few of the most common tummy tuck surgery questions he receives.

Okay, Dr. Womac, I have some data for you. This procedure has the highest approval rating, a tummy tuck. You probably knew that, yes? Yeah. Why is that? What issues does it target? Well, it’s, you know, it’s one of the best operations in plastic surgery because the results are always pretty good no matter what the scenario. It targets weight loss after weight gain, post-pregnancy, and then just general aging and sagginess or looseness of the skin. So tell us a little bit about your approach to the procedure. What do you do? Yeah, I take a patient specific approach, but in general, typically incision from hip to hip, removing all the excess skin, tightening the muscle, liposuctioning for contour, and then moving the belly button. That is a key to the operation, in my opinion, to create a new belly button that has a hidden scar which makes it look more natural. Well, that’s unique. I’ve not heard of that, so thanks for sharing that. And then finally, Dr. Womac, when can someone feel like themselves? What’s the downtime? What’s the recovery and the long-term results if they are long-term? Yeah. So the first couple weeks is the really big downtime. After that, you know you’re gonna be back to your routines. By six weeks, there’s no restrictions. That’s about the time you can really kind of start noticing all of the effects from the liposuction and the surgery. Great information. Thanks so much, Dr. Womac.

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