Weiler Medical Minute: KeraLase™ Hair Restoration

Dr. Jonathan Weiler discusses KeraLase, the brand new hair restoration treatment. Click the YouTube link to discover more about KeraLase!

Dr. Weiler, this statistic blows my mind. 100 million Americans experience hair loss. Men and women. Men and women. Yes. All right, you’ve got a brand new hair restoration treatment. Yes. That can help combat this. Tell us what it is and how does it work? So it’s a combination of lasers and topical serums, the Lutronic ULTRA Laser. Got it. We’re using the Keralase Serums in between, during, and after. Laser and a serum, what’s happening? So we know light works, laser-based caps work, but they’re just not strong enough, right? Okay. And so we have a laser that penetrates into that hair follicle, stimulates it to thicken, new hair growth, and it just increases your hair density and growth. We use it in combination with the Keralase Hair Serum, really get remarkable results. Who’s your best candidate for this? Really anybody. Myself, look at my hair, right? I need some, I’m gonna start in a few weeks. Okay. But females, males, anyone that’s sort of going into that, you know, cycle of losing their hair. And then what can you expect? How many treatments? What are the results? So it’s a series of treatments, minimum 3, 6, 9, even more than that. You do have to apply the Serum. We do recommend vitamins, neutrophil vitamins at the same time. You will see legitimate changes in the density, thickness, and appearance of your hair. Do you have to worry about any downtime? No downtime at all. That’s the best part. Fantastic, well, this is really great for something that’s so important. Yes. You know, to everyone’s appearance. – Huge issue, huge issue. Yeah, and we’ll look forward to your results too. Thank you. Thanks, Dr. Weiler.

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