Weiler Medical Minute: Facelift 101 with Dr. Mary Ghere | Weiler Plastic Surgery Group

In this Weiler Medical Minute, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mary Ghere discusses the process for a facelift.

Dr. Ghere a facelift used to be something that you thought your grandmother in her 70s or 80s would get but that’s not the case men and women are doing it what’s changed um a lot has changed look first the stigma is gone yeah and secondly we do things a little differently it’s not just about nipping and tucking and taking away it’s about putting volume back and really tailoring the individual patient face is there an ideal age there’s not it’s going to depend on when you’re ready you could be 35 you could be 65 anywhere in between or even older I see women and men of all ages talk to us about your approach to the procedure right so I tailor my Approach just like in any surgery to to the patient the patient’s individual needs and you always want to maintain you I always tell my patients you want to look like you you want to be a refresh version of you um and I think that’s the secret to a good faft you know everybody wants to know the million-dollar question how many years can we shave off look you never get to see the version of you that didn’t have a fael Okay so the CH the changes are forever but we don’t stop the aging process so you know I think people want a concrete answer there there’s not really really one but I think 10 to 15 years sometimes 20 depending on the patient we’ll take it that’s right and finally the dos and don’ts Dr. Ghere after the surgery right stay out of the sun don’t overexert yourself lay low for two weeks and then most people can go back to doing whatever it is they need to do with their big debut that’s right so next steps would be a consultation with you should they be interested yeah absolutely perfect thanks Dr. Ghere.

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