Using Filler in Tear Troughs for Dark Circles + Tired Eyes

Using Filler in Tear Troughs for Dark Circles + Tired Eyes

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Filler injections in the tear trough area are common to address problems such as tired, dark eyes, and the lack of volume underneath the eyes. These treatments are off-label as no company has approved treatment with a filler in a tear trough; however, if administered properly it’s completely safe. Many providers have adopted this method of treatment as an alternative eye rejuvenation option for patients concerned with dark, tired eyes.

My favorite product to use in the area is Restylane-L due to the minimal water attraction to the area with this product and a decreased chance of Tyndall Effect. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, “In aesthetics, the Tyndall effect is used to describe the bluish hue that is visible within the skin caused by too superficial placement of hyaluronic acid (HA) filler.”

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Weiler Plastic Surgery performs tear trough injections at our Baton Rouge, Hammond, and Denham Springs locations. I perform the procedure using a cannula. This allows for a safer procedure as the thought of a cannula is decrease chance for vascular occlusion and tends to give a result with less bruising after the procedure.

Often after performing this procedure, I feel as though I have more patients that leave the office teary-eyed wanting to give me a hug because they feel as though this treatment made them look the way they feel they should look when seeing themselves in the mirror.

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Before + After of Tear Trough treated with Restalyne-L 2ccs Voluma to cheeks and 1cc Restylane to tear troughs



The procedure is virtually painless! After applying a numbing agent, the patient feels little to no discomfort during the procedure.


The procedure only takes about 30 minutes. What’s even better? Results are instant and you are free to resume all normal physical activity 24 hours after the procedure.


The product typically lasts up to a year in patients.

Receiving cosmetic injections soon? Be sure to check out our post here with all of the information about what to expect before and after!

For any questions on cosmetic procedures or aesthetics, call us at 1 of our 3 offices: Baton Rouge (225) 399-0001, Hammond (985) 902-7770, or Denham Springs (225) 900-7002.


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