Tummy Tuck 101 with Dr. Weiler

How does a tummy tuck work and who is it right for? In this video, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Weiler answers a few of the most common tummy tuck surgery questions he receives.

A tummy tuck is the topic of discussion on this Weiler Medical Minute. Dr. Weiler, what are the three top reasons that a patient would benefit from a tummy tuck? So typically tummy tucks are for ladies that have had a few kids, make sure you’ve had them all. Okay. Are for patients that have lost tremendous amount of weight. And I always tell a third category, some patients genetically are born with some excess skin and abdominal wall laxity, does happen. And diet and exercise can only do so much. Yes, ma’am. All right, there’s actually not any tucking involved with the procedure. It’s a good point. So, I know that there is the possibility to shape and to maybe reduce your size, so tell me more. So what the procedure entails is essentially three steps.  Okay. Three procedures wrapped up in one, liposuction, skin removal, and tightening the muscles. So liposuction’s simple. We do it 360. Skin removal is that excess hanging skin that you’ve got going on down low. And number three, when you get pregnant or you gain rapid weight inside, those muscles stretch. They don’t, and they separate out. So we go in, we bring those muscles back together. Think of it like an internal corset. We’re giving you back your corset. Having done all that,⁣ Yes? – Are we good for the rest of our lives? – So typically, I tell patients, this is a procedure that’s gonna last as long as you maintain your weight, the shape will be there. Okay. Recovery is somewhere between two weeks back to normal, six weeks full recovery. Not bad at all, yes. Thanks, Dr. Weiler. You’re welcome. For more information on tummy tuck, you can go online at weilerplasticsurgery.com

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