Three Ways You Can Combat Neck Lines with Jennifer Brown, FNP-C

One of our nurse practitioners in our Slidell office, Jennifer Brown, shares three ways to combat neck lines.

Hi, I’m Jen, the nurse practitioner here in the Slidell office, and I’m here to talk to you about three ways you can combat necklines. Okay, so in today’s world, we are all looking down at our phones, we are looking at our tablets, and this is creating necklines in our younger as well as our older patients. They’re coming in, they want to get rid of them, they’re a little bit of sagging.
Sometimes those platysmal bands start to pop out and they want answers. They want to assist in softening these areas. So option one is Botox. We actually Botox the platysmal bands. So if you do this really hard, you’ll see ’em pop out. The older we get, the more these start to show. We can do something called a nefertiti lift, which is where we inject from here and go on down, which softens and allows more slimming of the neck. Option two is Radiesse. So we actually inject this filler into the neck as well as the decollete. And not only does it provide a filling or a softening to that area, but it also wakes up those cells to help to make more collagen. So in addition to having this softened, you also are allowed to have basically your own collagen coming into placemto allow this to last longer. And finally, option three is our Juvederm Vobella,
which we use in what we call necklace lines. So I’m seeing a lot of my younger patients coming in, of course, we are staring down at those devices and it’s causing increasing in our neck. So we actually do a superficial injection of the Juvederm Vobella and it just softens that. I’ve had a lot of patients come back with really great results. If you have any concerns with your neck or neck lines, please come in for a consultation so we can see which modality is right for you.

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