Tear Trough Treatment Options with Jennifer Brown, FNP-C

Here are a few options when considering treatment for your tear troughs!

Hi, I’m Jen. I’m the nurse practitioner here in the Slidell office, and I’m here to talk about the issues of tear troughs. So most people who come in are always questioning or concerned about their tear troughs. The older we get, sometimes we get those dark hollowing underneath the eyes. Our fat pads start to split apart. Everything kind of starts to slide down. And of course, we now have tear trough issues. What it fixes or what it corrects is actually not only just the tear troughs, but the midface in addition to the tear trough. Your midface supports under your eyes, so if we treat that midface, we actually soften underneath the eyes without even having to use tear trough filler. So the tear trough is almost like the icing on the cake in addition to doing a mid-face filler. We actually push on the face. And if that assist with popping out that hollowing
or softening the hollowing, then I recommend that you would use a filler. If not, then we’re gonna ask that you use something else. We’re gonna recommend either a under bleph, or we would recommend using some creams and other things to assist with softening under the eyes. We actually even put Botox under there. That helps with softening under your eyes. If you have concerns about your under eyes, you should definitely come in and have a consultation and talk to us because there’s so many different modalities to correct or assist in softening those under eyes.

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