Six Common Misconceptions About Lip Injections

Written by: Taylor Bech, PA-C

As with cosmetic surgery, the stigma surrounding lip fillers has been achieved through botched jobs that become high profile on tv and the internet. Like with many things, the outlying examples seem to speak the loudest. Sometimes the only thing a person may know about them is the high profile cases of either being extremely well done and large (ie: Kylie Jenner) or in a terrible, overdone fashion associated with bad plastic surgery. Most of these botched jobs have been done in foreign countries where medical practices aren’t as regulated or are cheaper, with unlicensed providers or products, or have had underlying issues surrounding the procedure. Unfortunately, for some, they tend to represent lip fillers as a whole.

The truth is that lip injections in women have increased over 50% since the year 2000, with over 27,000 injections being done last year alone. This amount, which equates to an impressive one injection per twenty minutes, makes the procedure the fastest growing facial procedure in the United States.

Since lip fillers come with their slew of misconceptions and stigmas associated, today we’re going to discuss the top misleading (or downright untrue) myths commonly tied to lip injections:

Myth One: It will stretch my lips out / deflate them.This myth is just that – a myth.There is zero evidence that lip injections stretch out or deflate your lips. As a matter of fact, since injections use hyaluronic acid as the main ingredient (which naturally occurs in the body as a lubricant for our joints and muscles), collagen synthesis is increased in the local area of injection. This helps thicken the dermis layer and prevent wrinkling even after the acid has been broken down and is no longer active.

Myth Two: I will constantly need to refill my lips / it doesn’t last long / it isn’t reversible.Fortunately, nowadays we have a good number of options for lips. Hyaluronic acid fillers can last as long as 18 months! Much of the timeline depends on your body’s synthesis of the acid, but it’s generally a minimum of 6 months. But is it reversible? Yes.If a patient is not content with the outcome of their lips and does not desire to wait until the product naturally dissolves, a skilled provider can significantly accelerate the absorption using a compound called hyaluronidase as a counter injection.

Myth Three: Lip Injections causes scars / cold soresAnother completely false myth.There are no reported cases of scarring from lip injections. That being said, there are also no reported cases of cold sores being caused by lip injections, either. All injections are used with a single-use needle that comes in a pre-sealed, sterile package. Although, in some cases, a cold sore can arise in the area recently injected because the body reacts to the injection itself. If a patient has a history of cold sores, a prescription of antiviral medications can be given to reduce the risk of having an outbreak.

Myth Four: I’m too young for lip injections!While there is certainly an age limit to getting fillers, anyone over 21 is within the age range to receive injections.As mentioned earlier, the collagen stimulation has a preventative effect on wrinkles. This gives an added bonus to those that choose to have them early. Lip injections aren’t just to combat the effects of aging, however. As in the famous case of Kylie Jenner, one can simply desire fuller lips or a different look. The spike in popularity previously mentioned is actually largely from women and men in the 20-30 age range! The idea that lip injections are strictly for older patients is a thing of the past, as, in today’s society, choosing to look and feel how you like is not only not a taboo subject anymore, but a promoted one.

Myth Five: Injections look/feel unnatural / there is a degradation of expression.This may be one of the most common myths associated with lip fillers.This myth conjures up thoughts of those awful outcomes seen online. Simply put, lip injections, when done correctly, will be barely noticeable to the average onlooker. Fillers are not meant to be a huge jump in size (unless that’s desired, of course), and are meant to be a subtle increase in fullness of the lips and confidence of the patient. On that note, there is absolutely no degradation in the ability to make expressions with the mouth. This myth stems from the application of Botox to the face, which is (incorrectly) assumed to “tighten” the skin, reducing reaction range. Not only is this not true for Botox, but it doesn’t even work the same way the myth behind it thinks it does. But do lips with filler feel unnatural?The answer is a resounding NO! Lips injected with hyaluronic acid feel completely identical to regular lips, and are just as soft, elastic, and mobile as their natural counterparts.

Myth Six: Anyone can do them / all fillers work anywhereAbsolutely not!This is where most of the “botched jobs” come from, unapproved materials and unlicensed providers. Brand name injections with hyaluronic acid are FDA approved as a filler, but should only be used in conjunction with a licensed expert as well. At Weiler Plastic Surgery, we have specially trained providers available to help you achieve your best results.

Can you think of any that we missed?

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