Quickly Revamp Your Look With These In-Office Procedures

One major reason why some may be skeptical about getting cosmetic procedures is the impact of taking long periods of time off from work. There are many procedures that requires very little time off, and would not cut into your daily routine. We have a list of procedures that offer a major effect on appearance without placing strain on your daily life.

If you have droopy eyelids or heavy bags, there is a simple procedure in which fatty tissue and access skin is removed to refresh the eye area. Blepharoplasty, also know as Eyelid Surgery, is performed in the office and under two hours. While patients usually recover within two week, bruising and swelling can subside within three to four days.

With Laser Skin Resurfacing most people can go out in public after one week, but because of many treatment levels, healing times vary greatly. Laser Skin Resurfacing removes the top layer of skin, treating photodamaged skin, acne scars, wrinkles, age spots, and uneven skin tones and textures.  For mild treatments, patients can be back to normal activity after one day. Swelling and redness can last for a few days, but after two days, patient are allowed to use makeup for coverage. The best thing to do to recover after this procedure is to stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water and keeping the treated area moisturized.

WPS-41-300x173Neck Lipo, a procedure that removes fatty tissue from under the chin and on the neck, allows patients to look as though they’ve lost weight by slimming the neck area. Patients tend to look much younger after the procedure. For optimum results and a speedy recovery, patients are advised wear a compression garment, as well as elevate the head while sleeping, making recovery time up to two weeks, while normal daily activity – with an exception to heavy lifting and excercise – can resume within a week. Swelling may last up to three weeks, but you’ll be able to wear makeup to cover up.

As with the other procedures, Otoplasty, which is correction of the ear, will have a two week recovery. After the physician pins an area of the ear, patients are advised to wear a compression garment covering the ears around the clock for three to five days. After the garment comes off,  it’s worn at night while sleeping, allowing patients to return to work. Contact sports are not permitted until after a month. Results of this procedure are very satisfactory.

Results and recovery times varies with each patient. The best thing for each patient is to follow the physician’s instructions and prepare in advance for your procedures.

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