Preparing for Your First Time with Laser Hair Removal

Let’s face it, not everyone has blonde peach fuzz for body hair. In fact, most individuals have body hair that is darker and coarser than the hair on their head. This makes sense, as all that hair is meant to help keep you warm and protect you. However, societal standards and personal preferences leave this dark, coarse hair as less than desirable.

There are many options available to you for hair removal methods ranging from at-home waxing and electrolysis to laser hair removal. What’s important is that you find the most effective method for you that provides results and fits in your budget. Here at Weiler Plastic Surgery, we’re fans of laser hair removal. This particular cosmetic procedure is not only fast, but it’s effective. Waxing never permanently removes your hair, and electrology can take years to be effective. Laser hair removal is approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction in all treated areas. This means that you will see a significant reduction of hair for a significant amount of time after you have just a handful of laser hair removal treatments. If you’ve never had laser hair removal before, but are searching for a way to get beautiful, smooth legs quickly, than this cosmetic procedure may be just the thing for you.

Getting Ready to Try Laser Hair Removal

Make the leap and try laser hair removal! Perhaps you’ve been nervous, or perhaps you were just waiting for the right time, but now is the best possible time to try laser hair removal for your legs so you can feel confident in your swimsuit all summer long. Even men can benefit from laser hair removal on their chest or back to gain the same skin smoothing benefits.

If you’ve considered laser hair removal, book a consultation and come into Weiler Plastic Surgery. We will go over expected results, cost, and procedure with you prior to your first appointment. Once you feel ready, we’d love to have you in for your first treatment. Here’s a bit of what you can expect.

One of our staff members will take you to the treatment room and make sure that the hair to be treated is an appropriate length. If it is too long, they will then trim it down to about a quarter of an inch prior to beginning the procedure. Both you and your aesthetician will wear special eye protection, and then the procedure begins. The aesthetician will move systematically through the area of treatment. Each laser pulse helps to destroy the hair follicle and will feel a bit like someone snapping you with a rubber band. It isn’t completely painless but it should be tolerable. The hair will not be removed that day, but should fall out over the next several days, leaving your skin smooth. A bit of irritation after the procedure is also normal, so don’t be alarmed.

To give laser hair removal a try, schedule your consultation with Weiler Plastic Surgery and show off your legs all summer long! Contact us today!


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