Patient Testimonial: Achieving a Natural Look with Lip Injections

Written by: Taylor Bech, PA-C

Earlier last week, we discussed a few of the myths associated with lip fillers. Today, we can see for ourselves the dispelling of one of the more common myths: lip injections look fake.

Now, as we previously discussed, the “duck face” look is commonly perceived as the only result for lip fillers, and that is simply false. While the standout cases exist, and some high profile ones (such as the most widely publicized Kylie Jenner lips), the very large majority of patients enjoy fuller lips without looking like their fellow celebrity partakers.

The goal of filler is to restore natural beauty by replacing volume in the face. Loss of volume causes wrinkles and a tired, aged appearance. While this happens to everyone as they grow older, filler can help by softening features, restimulating collagen, and rebuilding what has been lost. Dermal filler can be used to address a variety of concerns, such as adding natural volume to lips, in this case.

Case in point is Danielle, who hails from Israel. She sought out Dr. Weiler’s practice because she desired fuller lips, but not at the cost of looking unnatural.

See Danielle’s video here:

As we can tell from the interview, Danielle seems quite happy with the results!

One of the contrasts we notice is the difference between the “during” and “after” videos. Danielle’s lips do seem rather large while she’s receiving the injections. This is another place where many of the judgments from fillers come from, this initial swelling period. This is extremely common and does not represent the final outcome of the injections. After 48 to 72 hours, the initial swelling will go down and the result is where we see Danielle in the interview, with completely natural looking and full lips.

Keep in mind that these injections can last as long as 18 months, so a few days of swelling is a pretty good tradeoff!Also, the kudos Danielle gives at the end is to one of our amazing and professional PAs, Piper.

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