Most Popular Options for Fat Reduction in 2017

It’s nearly summertime and that means beach season is right around the corner!

Today, Dr. Weiler wants to discuss one of the more popular summer subjects: Fat Reduction.The most widely recognized form of fat removal, for years, has been Liposuction. However, advances in modern technology have provided us with alternate methods to fat reduction as well!

To start, there are two types of medical fat reduction: invasive and noninvasive.

Liposuction is still the most popular form of fat removal and the results speak for themselves. Lipo removes up to 90% body fat in multiple areas of the body, making it the most efficient and effective form of fat removal on the planet. All this and with very little downtime!

Our noninvasive treatment is called SculpSure, and is the world’s first FDA-approved laser treatment for targeted fat removal. A very quick and nearly painless procedure, SculpSure can remove up to 25% of a patient’s body fat in a half hour, and with ZERO downtime.

At Weiler Plastic Surgery, we have fat reduction procedures for a wide array of candidates, designed to help fit you and your schedule.

Check out the following video to see Dr. Weiler speak on these procedures:

For more detailed information regarding our procedures and services, please check out our YouTube channel!

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