Melt Away Your Double Chin With Kybella

Double chins are right up there with muffin tops and cellulite in things evolution should have just skipped. Really is there a purpose? Both muffin tops and cellulite are things you can tackle with diet, exercise, and creams, but a double chin, we’re not so sure. The extra fat just embraces your chin and becomes a stage five clinger that never goes away!

Luckily, there is Kybella. Kybella is an alternative treatment to liposuction, or surgery to remove a double chin. This injectable is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid — a human bile salt that supports fat digestion — that, rejoice, destroys fat cells in our bodies. Gastrointestinally, deoxycholic acid breaks down fat by destroying the cell membrane, and when it is infused to subcutaneous fat, Kybella goes right to work in the targeted location, the double chin.

The fat is dissolved, and our lovely lymph and circulatory systems clear the cellular debris, but this does not happen overnight. Over a couple of weeks, your double chin will begin to melt away like an icicle in the spring, and the deoxycholic acid is metabolized and excreted.

What does a typical treatment look like?

The average patient receives about 20 or more injections per treatment, mapped out with a temporary tattoo dot-grid as an injection guide. If you’re worried about that many injections, don’t panic, a numbing cream is applied under the chin. Needles begin to poke each site, and you do feel the needle, but it is nothing unbearable. You’ll most likely feel the substance enter your body, so if you need to pause and ice the area, the doctors are more than happy to aid in comfort.

The total time-frame is anywhere from five to 30 minutes, so it’s a quick, in-office procedure. It is recommended that a patient receives two to six treatments to see optimal results.

Kybella FAQs

Q: Does Kybella only treat double chins?

A: Currently, Kybella is only approved in the treatment of double chins, but the FDA is looking into other benefits and treatment areas.

Q: Will my double chin come back?

A: Because Kybella destroys fat cells, your double chin will be gone forever!

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: Side effects, such as bruising, swelling, and mild discomfort, are the most common.

Q: Are the injections painful?

A: Because everyone is different, comfort levels vary. If you experience discomfort, you can always ask the doctor to pause so you can ice. In clinical studies, patients did comment the pain and swelling decreased over the time of the sessions.

Q: Is Kybella right for everyone?

A: Generally, if you have a double chin, you’re qualified for Kybella, but always consult your physician to confirm that you’re a good candidate.

Kybella is approved for patients 18 and older. The optimal candidates have moderate chin fat composition with minimal laxity and are willing to comply with post-treatment guidance.

Are you ready to melt away your double chin?

If you’re ready for a proven solution for your double chin, book an appointment with Weiler Plastic Surgery today and melt the fat away!

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      Hi Meg, if possible, avoid any blood thinners, like Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Aleve, Motrin and blood thinning supplements. This is not a requirement, it just helps the bruising after treatment.

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