Liquid Face Lift 101

Don’t want to go under the knife, but looking for a way to lift your appearance? Expert Injector, Taylor, is here to tell us everything we need to know about a Liquid Facelift. Click on the video below and learn what a liquid face lift is, the actual process and downtime and what benefits follow.

Hey, everybody. Elizabeth here with the one and only Taylor from Weiler Plastic Surgery, you all know her. And today we’re talking about one of my favorite procedures. And I love the word, liquid facelift. And the best part about it, right, Taylor? Is that you don’t have to go under the knife. So tell me what is a liquid facelift? Yes, so a liquid facelift is a combination of Botox and filler placed into the face to help restore volume, restore the aging process with no downtime. I love that. All right, so what actually happens right? During the aging process? We know it’s nothing good but… Yes, so after the age of 30, we start to lose about a teaspoon of volume in your face each year. So the collagen production stops. So we have to stay on top of that process and restore the volume with either fat grafting, or dermal filler, doing that via a liquid facelift. You’re assessing each person individually, right? Absolutely, yes. So we wanna see your face, see where you are actually losing the volume, see what dynamic movement or wrinkles that you have and tailor a treatment plan directly to you for your face. So, yeah. So treatment plan, is this a one-time visit? Is this several times? Talk to me a little bit about that. So you can either come in for a consultation and do it all at once or I’ll invite you to come in for a complimentary consultation and have a treatment plan developed for you, where we will tell you what product you need, when will you receive it, how we would go about doing it, yes. Okay, so Botox and filler side effects. Talk to me about that. Yes, so you will have a little bit of bruising, little bit of swelling present over the next couple of days. I say event ready in about a week. But beyond that, it’s very easy, minimal downtime. Hopefully, not a lot of bruising, ice packs the day of and go about your day. And then is this for women of all ages? Is it for men too? I mean, who’s really the candidate for this? So I would say everybody’s a candidate. Doesn’t matter your age. It depends on the weight fluctuations that you’ve had. It depends on your natural aging process. It depends on what we are trying to accomplish. Not is everybody a candidate? Yes, but not everybody will have the same treatment plan or require the same amount of volume. Finally, if you’re getting the liquid facelift, how long will it last? More importantly. It will last for about two years. The filler will last for about two years. The Botox will last about three months and we do encourage maintenance of that. But the filler you’ll be set for about two years. So you guys through it, create the roadmap and then we just follow your lead. Yes, absolutely. Come in and see us, definitely. Perfect, thank you, Taylor. Your heard it liquid facelifts, so many benefits. So call the office for a consultation, or you can ask to see Taylor.

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