Liposuction – Can It Be Good for Your Heart?


According to a report issued by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons liposuction has become the fourth most popular form of cosmetic surgery with over 200,000 procedures being done in 2010 right here in the U.S. While this procedure is typically done to remove excess body fat and to achieve a slimmer and more sculpted appearance, new research shows that this procedure may, in fact, have heretofore unrecognized health benefits.

Shedding Pounds is Good for You

According to this report, liposuction does far more than simply help you to shed those unwanted pounds and reshape your body, it may, in fact, help to significantly reduce your risk or serious heart disease. A case study of over 300 people who underwent liposuction was completed. This study took a good look at their triglyceride (bad fat) and cholesterol levels. According to the results of this study, those who suffered from elevated triglyceride levels experienced an average reduction of these levels by approximately 43 percent.

While these patients did not demonstrate any measurable reduction in overall cholesterol levels, the research team did note that they found a reduced level of white blood cells after the procedure. Typically, high white blood cell counts are associated with medical conditions such as obesity, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Only the First Such Study

Although no one should use a single report to base their decision as to whether or not liposuction surgery is the right choice, it does show that there is more to this type of surgery than simple vanity. According to Dr. Carl Lavie, medical director of preventive cardiology at the John Ochsner Heart,” A lot of people would rather not have the subcutaneous fat because it makes them not look as good. But generally, visceral fat around the internal organs is what gives you the problem with heart disease.”

However, liposuction is only one part of the whole picture, you will need to embark on a healthy diet and exercise regimen designed to help you retain the weight and fat loss the surgery achieved. The link between liposuction and a healthy heart is only just being discovered but shows serious potential that may make it an excellent choice for many people.

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