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Are you looking for ways to treat acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and melasma? Weiler Plastic Surgery Aesthetician, Caroline, walks us through what Aerolase is, what this laser helps, and the steps to take to reach your skin goals.

Hey, everybody, Elizabeth here with Caroline, from Weiler Plastic Surgery. As many of you know, Weiler is always on top of the latest technology and products to help keep you and your skin in tip-top shape. And we are talking about the Aerolase laser. That’s a mouthful. That’s really hard to say. But Caroline, talk to me about some of the issues that this laser can help with. So we like to use this laser to help treat acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, melasma, anything along those lines we could treat with this laser. Okay, so laser, I think of a laser in terms of NASA, right? Of just these powerful beams of light that can do crazy things. What actually is the laser doing? What does it feel like, and how does it work? So this laser’s gonna help heat up the skin to target that epidermal, that first layer of skin’s pigment, as well as go down to the dermal layer, the deepest, to break up that deep, stubborn pigment. Does that all happen in one treatment? Or how many do you recommend to really get to the bottom literally, and figuratively, of your issue. So we normally recommend a series of three, depending on how severe, we’ll do a series of six. Is there a lot of pain or any downtime? No, not a lot of downtime. You can leave the office being a little red,  but pain-wise, there’s slight discomfort, it’s a little warm. I personally love it, it’s my favorite of all the lasers,  and I have a pretty low pain tolerance so I prefer this laser. All right, if Caroline says it’s okay, then it has to be okay. Well, it’s a great option. Thanks so much for the information. For more information or if you’re interested, you can call the office to set up an appointment.

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