5 Unexpected Uses for BOTOX® (Besides Treating Wrinkles)

BOTOX® is famous for smoothing out wrinkles and fixing common skin imperfections. However, this powerful product can do more than smooth skin—a secret that many men and women are unaware of. Since BOTOX Cosmetic was first approved by the FDA in 2002 for treating worry lines, doctors have found multiple other uses for this injectable. Many of them have nothing to do with aesthetics.

A woman who has received BOTOX injections smiles and shades her face from the sun with her hands.

From shaping the face to fighting migraines, BOTOX is a popular, versatile tool here in Baton Rouge. To celebrate our annual BOOTOX event, here are 5 unexpected ways BOTOX can improve your quality of life.

Jaw slimming

An “ideal female face” is often described as having a long, elegant oval shape. However, clenched jaw muscles eventually give the face a stouter, squared-off appearance, creating a more “manly” or blocky look. BOTOX relaxes the jaw muscles, giving the face a more elongated and oval appearance. This nonsurgical approach to facial rejuvenation is a great way to get a new look without surgery.

Gummy smile

Some men and women naturally show their gums when smiling, laughing, and talking. This happens when the upper lip pulls up too far when making common expressions, showing off more gum than teeth. BOTOX relaxes the lip to create a more flattering, less gummy grin when injected around the upper lip. As with other BOTOX treatments, it may take a few days for the product to take effect, but results last around 3 to 6 months.

Excessive sweating 

No one enjoys damp spots on their shirt during a formal event or intensive workout. Overactive sweat glands can be an even bigger problem during warmer, humid months. For some, excessive sweat is caused by a condition known as hyperhidrosis. Antiperspirants and deodorants often aren’t enough to keep these problem areas dry. Those who struggle with excessive sweating can use BOTOX to prevent heavy perspiration in problem areas such as the armpits. By temporarily paralyzing the overactive sweat glands with BOTOX, you can enjoy events and workouts without fear of embarrassment.

Platysmal bands

As we get older, the skin begins to thin and neck muscles can become more noticeable. The tendons that stretch between the shoulders and jaw can develop a stringy appearance, as shown in some of our patients’ before-and-after photos. BOTOX target the horizontal muscle bands along the neck and make them less distracting and obvious. When used alongside other anti-wrinkle treatments, this BOTOX result takes years off your neck’s appearance. 


If you have ever struggled with severe chronic headaches, you may be surprised to learn BOTOX can help. Migraines are thought to be caused by muscles tensing and putting pressure on certain bundles of nerves. Injecting these areas with BOTOX protects these nerve bundles and reduces the frequency and severity of migraines. This option is most effective for men and women who have tried other migraine treatments and have found them unsuccessful.

Fading fine lines and wrinkles is a great result, but BOTOX also offers so much more. If you’re interested in BOTOX treatments at our cosmetic surgery practice in Baton Rouge, request a consultation online. You can also contact our practice office by phone at (225) 399-0001.

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