Is a Minimally Invasive Lift the Best Way to Eliminate Turkey Neck

turkey-neck-300x200The term turkey neck is used to refer to the double chin that many people get as they gain weight or get older. Up until recently the only way that cosmetic surgeons had to fix this double chin was to do a surgical lift that was very invasive and had a significant recovery time. Now cosmetic surgeons have the option of doing minimally invasive neck lifts for their patients that can eliminate the need for surgery and provide excellent results. Not only will you get rid of fat pockets and reduce lose skin but your recovery time will be much faster.

Treating Turkey Neck with Lasers

Minimally invasive lifts are fairly newer to the cosmetic surgery industry and are providing impressive results for turkey neck with far less trauma to the body. Dr. Weiler only needs to perform a minimally invasive neck and face lift in order to eliminate or reduce turkey neck. It can take up to 12 weeks before you will see the total results of the procedure, however you will begin to see a change very soon after the procedure that will only improve over the course of weeks.

What is Involved

Using minimally invasive lift procedures to eliminate or reduce turkey neck is an outpatient procedure that is done under a local anesthesia. The entire treatment takes about 1 hour and after which the patient can go home, since no general anesthesia is required. You may want to take the rest of the day off, but most patients are free to resume normal activities the day after. You may experience a small bit of swelling in the area but any swelling and bruising should be gone after about a week.

What Next

Before you can have the procedure done, Dr. Weiler will ensure that you are a good candidate for a minimally invasive neck lift. Like most cosmetic procedures this entails being in good health, and having a stable, healthy weight. Dr. Weiler will also do an exam, look at the health of your skin, and ask you questions about what you have done on your own to eliminate your double chin and your expectations for the procedure.

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