Gynecomastia Surgery Most Effective Male Breast Reduction Method

WPS-22-1024x332For gynecomastia – enlarged breast of the male chest – there seems to be only one proven effective method, which is gynecomastia surgery. Many physicians say that exercise alone cannot improve gynecomastia, and supplements claiming to help reduce enlarged breast are completely ineffective.  While exercise can reduce fatty tissue, it will not reduce glandular tissue, which is usually thick and often feels rubbery.

Not sure if you have glandular tissue or fatty tissue? A self-examination can be performed by feeling around the nipple area. If the tissue under the nipple feels soft, it is fatty tissue, which can be removed with liposuction or by exercise. If the tissue feels soft and rubbery, it may be glandular tissue, which can only be removed by excising the tissue from the area through a small periareolar incision.

The best way to determine if you have either is by allowing a physician to examine the area. The most common diagnosis of gynecomastia is a combination of both glandular and fatty tissue, in which during surgery, both liposuction and an excision will be performed.

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