Getting Ready For Summer Fun?

Getting Ready For Summer Fun?

beach-photo-300x224Summer is quickly approaching, and everyone wants to look their best for their beach wear and beach fun. While dieting and exercise helps achieve your ideal form, it can often leave access skin and unwanted fat. We have a few procedures to correct this that you should learn more about to accomplish your goal of looking fit just in time for the summer.

Considering an Abdominoplasty?This procedure is ideal for patients who has access skin and fat around the abdomen, and who would like to be tighter and firmer in this area. This procedure is accomplished by making an incision below the belly button and between the hips to tighten the muscles of the abdomen. Dr. Weiler combines this procedure with liposuction to remove additional unwanted fat to give you maximum results.

Dr. Weiler also offers a Brachioplasty.This procedure is also known as an arm lift, which reduces sagging in the arms and loose skin that can develop with age or significant weight loss. In conjunction with liposuction, this procedure leaves minimal scarring with very little visibility, perfect for bikini beach wear.

Interested in a Thigh Lift?Dr. Weiler can also contour the shape of your thighs by reducing sagging of skin through a thigh lift. Much like the bracioplasty, the scars of this procedure is hidden in the creases of your upper inner thighs, leaving your legs perfect for summer wear. Patients who have received this procedure often experience maximum gratification in the appearance of this area of the body.If either of these procedures is something you are interested in, please call us to schedule your complimentary consultation at (985) 902-7770.

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