Getting Ready for Rhinoplasty

canstockphoto27048939-300x228Once you have made the decision to look into rhinoplasty there are plenty of things you must do before surgery can happen. Your first step will be to talk to a plastic surgeon who can go over the procedure, talk to you about your expectations and show you what the surgery can accomplish. Once you have gone through the entire process then you will be ready to schedule your surgery. Keep in mind that as with any surgery there will also be some preparation ahead of the actual procedure.

Meeting with the Doctor

The very first thing that must happen before anything else is that your surgeon must decide if you are a good candidate for plastic surgery. This decision is based on a number of things. Dr. Weiler does a complete medical history on all of his patients as a part of this process. Keep in mind that the success of your rhinoplasty depends on the answers to these questions, so it is very important to answer all of the questions as honestly as possible. Some of the questions you can expect include any history of nasal problems, any medications you take, and any health problems you may have.Your doctor will also do a complete physical exam including any blood tests he feels are necessary. A visual inspection of your nose will also be part of the exam. This part of the exam is critical for deciding what types of changes he will need to make as well as determining the effects of the rhinoplasty on your breathing.

Exploring Your Expectations of Rhinoplasty

As a part of your doctor’s visit, your surgeon will likely ask you what your expectations for the procedure are. Again it is very important to be honest, this not only helps your doctor determine whether he can help you or not, it also helps him to decide how best to achieve the results you are after.

Just Prior to the Surgery

Once your rhinoplasty has been scheduled you will need to make sure you arrange for a ride to and from the surgeon’s office since many patients can have this done as an outpatient procedure. You may also wish to have someone that can stay with you for a day or two after the procedure just as a precaution. Follow any instructions given by your surgeon in regards to food and medications.

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