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Expert Injector, Taylor talks us through the family of Juvederm and what each filler can be used for. Whether you want to fill, plump, or enhance there is a filler out there for you.

The question is, do you wanna plump, fill, or enhance? And the answer, it’s a good one. There’s a family of products that can do all three. And I’m here with Taylor to share more. Okay, I love Juvederm, right? Juvederm is the best. So many benefits to Juvederm. All right, break it down for us. So Juvederm, like you said, is the family of fillers. There’s actually six different types of Juvederm. They all play a different role with the different molecular size, the smoothness, the projection. Everyone has a specific indication for your face. Okay, how do we decide which one is right? So Juvederm Voluma. That is enhancing the mid-face. That is reestablishing volume from volume loss. That is a structurally supportive filler that’s gonna give you good projection. Va-voom, I always say. I love that. We love va-voom. All right, when you, when you’re looking at that, is it one syringe, two, and what happens? Talk us through it. Okay. So you would think that one syringe is plenty. But unfortunately, more syringes with Voluma is a better result. Because if you think of it like this, one teaspoon is five syringes of filler. Okay, I have to think about that. So one teaspoon is five syringes of filler. So you were probably going to do at least two syringes, one on each side in the midface, just to restore. It’s called a malar fat pad. Just to restore that projection, that volume, right through the midface. So you can use it in other areas. You can use it in the temples, the chin, and the jawline. There is a, you know, newer filler. Brand new filler that is actually FDA-approved for the jaw line by Juvederm called The Luxe. Okay. So in the past, we have used Voluma more so here but that will be replaced with The Luxe, which will have some nice projection and good enhancement of the jawline. Okay, love it. All right, so that’s for the face. What about the lips? Everybody loves a good lip. So the lips, I feel like the lips have kind of gotten a bad rap in our generation of being overfilled, too much volume. But lips are actually a beautiful asset to your face so it should compliment the rest of the face. There are, you would not put Voluma, like we talked about, up here in the face. You want something, I always say smooth, soft, and dainty. You want something very pretty to just enhance your natural lip shape, whether that be hydration, soften fine lines, give you some good fullness. So there’s different Juvederm Volbella, Juvederm Vollure, Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, all those can be injected into the lip to give you pretty projection that does not have to be crazy. So four different kinds that can be used on the lips. So I’m assuming that it just depends on your anatomy. What results? Yes. It depends on the result that we’re going for, the lip anatomy. Pretend like you have a very tiny lip. Pretend like you have a big lip. So different products for each person’s actual face, actual lip volume. And then what we’re trying to achieve. Everybody is talking about the Lip Flip. Talk to me a little bit about that. So the Lip Flip is a good adjunct to lip filler. With or without lip filler honestly, it is actually Botox. So you will place Botox right above the lip to help soften that muscle and naturally roll the top lip out. So sometimes it’s required with lip filler. If somebody has a very small lip that the muscle pulls it in completely, well, we’re gonna have to do a lip flip to roll the lip out so there’s more, I always say surface area. To place the lip filler. So lip flip is botox. I’ll always say it’s the gateway drug to lip filler because it only lasts for about 10 weeks. And then you’re gonna want some more, not permanent, but longer lasting volume of the lip. Different fillers last for different durations. So the big thing with Juvederm Voluma is that it lasts for two years. So that’s big, you know, you’re going to enhance the midface or the jaw or the temples or the chin. That’s gonna be a good two-year-lasting filler. The lips, I would say six months. Nasolabial folds. You can place filler here. That’s gonna last you a good year. The Luxe in the chin, that can last about a year to 18 months. So it depends on the type of filler. Anywhere from six months to two years. Thanks so much, Taylor. We appreciate it.

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