Eye Lift Surgery and Recovery

eye-lift-300x200Eye lift surgery or blepharoplasty, like most other forms of surgery requires a period of recovery after the procedure has been completed. Sometimes, it is just as important for you to know exactly what to expect after the surgery as it is to know what to expect during the procedure. Here we discuss what you should expect during the recovery process and how to care for the area during this time.

What to Expect after Your Eye Lift

Brachioplasty can be performed in most cases on an outpatient basis, although some patients may be required to stay in the hospital overnight. Which one of these is best for you will be determined by you and Dr. Weiler.

Typically, patients will experience swelling and redness in the areas around incisions, there may also be periods where your eyes will water excessively. Should you experience the opposite (dry eyes) Dr. Weiler can prescribe an ointment that will relieve this symptom. Many patients experience a certain amount of blurred vision when using this ointment and from the surgery itself. In some instances, there may be a temporary sensitivity to bright lights.

How to Care for the Incision Areas

During the first several days following your eye lift, you may experience some tightness of the eyelids and soreness in the general area. The pain can be treated with analgesics and the incisions need to be treated with an ointment to ensure they remain lubricated. One of the best ways to reduce swelling in the area of the surgery is to apply cold compresses on a regular basis.

During the first few days after your eye lift, you should avoid doing anything that might cause your eyes to become dry such as:

  • Wearing contact lenses
  • Reading
  • Watching television
  • Using a computer

Keeping your head elevated will also help to reduce swelling and bruising during the first week. The stitches can be removed by Dr. Weiler any time from two to seven days after the surgery and you will be able to return to your normal activities typically ten days post procedure. For the first couple of weeks, you may want to wear dark sunglasses to reduce irritation that can be caused by the sun and wind.

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