Everything to Know About ThermiVa

Are you struggling with urine incontinence, sexual sensation after childbirth, or going through menopause? At Weiler Plastic Surgery we provide a treatment for vaginal rejuvenation, called ThermiVa. Click the video to find out everything you need to know about ThermiVa.

Hey, everybody. I’m here with Caroline from the Weiler staff. And we’re talking about a topic, that believe it or not, I get asked about the most since I started working with Weiler. Caroline knows all about it because she is the expert in the Baton Rouge office. And that is vaginal rejuvenation. I know it’s a taboo word, right?  I know it’s embarrassing to talk about, but the truth is there are more women out there than not that are looking for solutions to some of their issues. So today, we’re gonna talk about them and hopefully provide some help. Caroline, first, let’s talk about some of the issues that women face surrounding this. Most of the issues that women come in for are urine incontinence, sexual sensation after having childbirth, or going through menopause. A lot of the times, it’s for that external appearance as well. So we can help tighten it up to get back to where it was before all of those things happened. So, the solution might be a device called Thermiva, which I like to say is a magical wand. Caroline, how does Thermiva help, and tell everybody what it actually does. Okay, so what Thermiva is, is one that uses radio frequency. That radio frequency is gonna help boost that collagen and elastin, which is what we want. It’s gonna get your vagina back to how you started before childbirth, menopause. It’s gonna help with sexual sensation. It’s gonna help with incontinence. It’s also gonna help tighten up that external appearance. I mean, it runs the gamut. It covers a lot of things. How many treatments does a woman need to actually find the results that she’s looking for? So we recommend a series of three, with a yearly maintenance. The treatments take about 30 to 45 minutes. There’s really no downtime, little to zero discomfort with these treatments. That’s fantastic. So that’s great information. Thank you, Caroline. So ladies, obviously there is a solution for you out there. We hope you found this helpful. For more information on Thermiva, you can call the office and set up a private consultation. Thanks for watching.

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