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As you all know, women, especially mothers, are courageous, powerful, and caring. What does it mean to be a mom? Well, it means caring for someone and placing their needs right up there with your own. It means nurturing and helping someone tackle the struggles that life brings us. It means being there when no one else is. Moms are our heroes, they are our role models, and they are [mom]entous.

This Mother’s Day, let’s say thanks to all the moms out there that go the extra mile all year long and help guide us through life. To give back to [mom]entous women, we decided to give away $10,000 in nonsurgical services to our practice! Share a story and a photo of an admirable woman you know whose journey of motherhood is inspiring to you.

Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for updates and for our winner announcement towards the end of May.

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