What You Should Know About Breast Reduction Options

Let’s discusses the antithesis of breast augmentation: breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction is a process where Baton Rouge plastic surgeon Dr. Weiler surgically reduces the size of the breast to a patient’s desired size.

Who needs a breast reduction?

Large breasts can cause physical and emotional pain, rashes and skin conditions, as well as social anxiety. Many patients who decide to have a breast reduction surgery find they are not only more comfortable doing day-to-day activities but also able to lead healthier, more confident lives with more proportionate breasts.

Is breast reduction a medical or cosmetic procedure?

Breast reduction is unique in that Dr. Weiler considers this procedure a medical one. This differs from breast augmentation,  which is usually considered a cosmetic procedure. Breast reduction does include a breast lift, though, to keep a natural, cosmetically appealing look.

Is breast reduction surgery worth the cost?

There is very high satisfaction among women who have breast reduction surgery. Among the women who have had breast reduction surgery, 98% of them say it was “worth it” on the RealSelf site.  Women as young as 15-16 and as mature as 60 routinely have this procedure done. Breast reduction patients tend to be the happiest of our patients because of the issues that the surgery rectifies. The procedure can also be used to reverse a breast augmentation that is no longer desired as well. In our patient interview, the patient is having the surgery because of implants that she believes no longer fit her lifestyle.

Is breast reduction surgery right for you?

If you suffer from any of the following complaints, then you are ready for breast reduction:

  • Activity restrictions due to breast size
  • Self-conscious about breast size
  • Physical pain or discomfort
  • Heavy, drooping breasts
  • Skin conditions under the breast folds
  • Disproportionate breast size to body

Check out the Weiler Medical Minute video, our patient interview, and our website for more info!

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