Dr. Jonathan Weiler has the Solution for Your Loose Skin

Do you have a few areas that could use some extra love? Dr. Weiler is here to tell us about the latest game-changing ultrasound technology for skin tightening, Sofwave.

This technology has been called the latest game-changing ultrasound technology for skin tightening, and of course, it can be found at Weiler Plastic Surgery. Hey, Dr. Weiler. Okay, so this is called Sofwave, and it targets a few areas that could use some extra love. Yes, yes. So typically it’s the brow, it’s that sort of jowl, and the neck area. Okay. We’re losing skin elasticity, so what can Softwave do to help? It is, we’ve all had ultrasounds, right? For one reason or the other. It’s focused ultrasound energy, which means it takes that wide beam, focuses it down pinpoint. It goes through the skin into the deeper structures, causes a reaction, and tightens the deeper structures of the face and neck. So it’s noninvasive. So it’s not, there’s no bruising. So to be specific, no needles. Okay. There is nothing that is gonna, you know, physically that’s penetrating the skin. This is energy, a focused beam that’s going through the skin. So there is, you know, always a chance, but very little bruising, very little downtime. Is it painful? So it does have a little bit of sensitivity with the procedure. Most patients tolerate it very well with topical numbing. So you get there an hour before. Some patients do request a little bit of oral sedation, but I’d say 99% of our patients tolerate it very well. And one and done? Or is there maintenance? Some patients, depending on what you’ve got, you know? One and done, sometimes two procedures, but talk to our providers and see what they recommend. Thanks, Dr. Weiler. For more information on Sofwave, you can go online at Weiler Plastic Surgery.

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