Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Legs This Summer

While you may love the summer weather that is well on it’s way, you may not love the clothing that comes with it. In order to stay cool, you often have to wear shorts, shirts, or a swimsuit during the summer months. This means exposing your legs to the sun and prying eyes. Perhaps you aren’t very comfortable with showing off your legs for any number of reasons which can include weight loss, weight fluctuations, sagging skin from aging, and perhaps even those pesky pockets of fat that can accumulate on many women’s knees, thighs, and hips. You don’t have to just live with these areas of discomfort, both physically and emotionally. There are many different options available to help you get the legs that you want with Weiler Plastic Surgery.

Plastic Surgery Options for Your Legs

There are many different options available to you through surgery in order to get your legs to look the way you want. A look that helps you feel comfortable and confident in shorts or a swimsuit.

If you’re struggling with stubborn fat deposits…

For stubborn fat deposits in the hip, leg, and knee regions, Dr. Weiler may suggest that you try liposuction or a thigh lift. Liposuction on its own can help to remove any excess fat deposits in these difficult areas. If you’re young and the fat deposits aren’t overbearing, your skin will easily bounce back to its original size and shape. However, if you’ve experienced drastic weight changes or need more than a little bit of help through liposuction, a thigh lift may be right for you. A thigh lift combines the benefits of liposuction and plastic surgery to remove excess fat and excess tissue to give you ideal, realistic results. This process will help to improve the overall shape of the leg and remove any trouble spots that cause you embarrassment.

If you’re struggling with excess skin…

Excess skin is a real problem for individuals who have fought so hard to lose weight and for individuals who are naturally aging. There are plastic surgical options for you. These options involve a touch of liposuction and the removal of the excess skin. Incisions are placed in areas where any scarring would not be noticeable. Once complete, you will have the thighs that you’d always hoped for and no additional sagging skin.

If you’re struggling with varicose veins…

Along with the variety of plastic surgery options, there are also non-surgical options for those who are looking to solve different problems. Varicose veins are very common and can even be painful. There are several affordable and non-surgical techniques available in order to rid yourself of these problematic veins. A consultation at Weiler Plastic Surgery will help you to determine which option is going to be best for you, whether it’s injections or laser ablation.

You can have the beautiful legs you’ve always wanted and Weiler Plastic Surgery can help. Now is the time to book your consultation and get started with your journey to more beautiful legs today. Call to schedule now!

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