Do You Know What The Perfect Trio Is?

Weiler Plastic Surgery Aesthetician, Angela is here to discuss what exactly The Perfect Trio is and how to reach your aesthetic goals.

Hey, Weiler devotees. I’ve got three words for you. The Perfect Trio. What is it? You’re about to find out? Hey, Angela.⁣ Hi. Okay, I love this, The Perfect Trio. What is that? Tell us. So The Perfect Trio is a great skincare routine, different aesthetic treatments, whether that is lasers or injectables, Botox and filler. Why is that important? Tell us more. Well, it’s important because it’ll help you reach your aesthetic goals. I don’t feel like you can do one without the other and I think getting a good skincare routine is a good foundation to start with. All right. Break ’em down for me. Let’s start with skincare. It’s the foundation. Why is that important and what should we be doing?  So a good skincare routine is a good foundation because it’s gonna help protect your investment. It’s gonna help you focus on any concerns that you have, whether it could be redness, it could be oily skin, it could be dry skin. We can develop a skincare regimen for you to help reach your goals. Two, you mentioned lasers, right? Yes.⁣Tell me more about that. So we have many different kinds of lasers and they can address different concerns that you may have. It could be redness, it could be hyperpigmentation, it could be skin laxity. And so meeting with a medical aesthetician, they can help you reach your goal and create a treatment plan for you to address your concerns. Lastly, injectables, and I know you do this, tell me about that. So injectables, whether it be different neurotoxins like Botox or fillers, they’re gonna help with fine lines and wrinkles, create contour, build back a deficit that we may lose with aging. And so together, all three of them really work cohesively together and can help you reach aesthetic goals like you have. Whether you’re 21 or whether you’re 71, right?  Right, exactly. So what is the end goal? I know you talked about aesthetics, but tackling The Perfect Trio, what does that mean to a patient? So that means when you come in and you speak with us and you say, my concerns are fine lines. Well, sure, we could address just those fine lines but there’s so many more other components to that. Get on a good skincare routine, but there’s so many more other components to that. Get on a good skincare routine, do something that you’re gonna stick with every day and meeting with the aesthetician can help that, help you reach that goal of doing that. You can also meet with them to see if there’s different aesthetic services that they have that can help with that as well. So it’s not always just a Botox, just a filler, all three of them together work cohesively to help you reach your goals. I love that. So at Weiler, it’s really just not one thing. We’re looking at the big picture and The Perfect Trio matters.⁣ Yes. Thanks so much, Angela. Thanks. Find out what your perfect trio is with a consultation from one of the aestheticians.

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